Southeast Los Angeles Spring Session 2021 Assessments

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SCGA Junior Assessments

On-course, score-based assessments that track the progress of juniors 8 years old and up. We’ve created assessments that test skills at the most fundamental levels and progress to a full 18 hole on-course round. Juniors can track their progress throughout their time in our program and see what parts of their game need work and what parts they can continue to excel at!


Assessment Policies

  • If a junior does not show up for their tee time, the family will be charged a $10 "no-show fee". If the family notifies a member of the Southeast Los Angeles staff, the "no-show fee" will not be incurred.
  • Juniors MUST be 8 years old and up to attend a golf assessment.
  • All new participants must start at Level 1 and assess through each level.
  • Juniors can only assess four (4) times per session and must register online.
  • Tee times will be sent out one day prior to assessment date.
  • Juniors must be a Level 7+ in order to qualify for our Advanced Player Program.
  • If your junior levels up from Level 6 to 7 during a session, they will not be able to switch to the Advanced Player Program until the following session.

Juniors can assess for the following levels at each site:

  • Level 1 to 3 = Don Knabe GC
  • Level 1 to 6 = Pico Rivera GC
  • Level 7+ = Los Amigos GC and Whittier Narrows GC

If your junior is a Level 7+, please contact Coach Eric to set up a golf assessment.


Safety is SCGA Junior's #1 priority. To view our safety policies and procedures, please follow: