Riverside Winter Session 2021 Game Days

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About Our Game Days

Game Days are a free, on-course playing opportunity hosted throughout the session. Each gameday provides an opportunity for junior members to practice skills they are taught in class out on the course. Game Days are not mandatory and are available for kids of all ages and skill levels. Spark juniors will play 4 holes, Ignition juniors will play 6 holes and Fire/High School juniors will play 9 holes from SCGA Junior's modified tees. Please note registration for each Game Day will open on Monday of that week and will close Thursday afternoon. You will receive an email from Bryan Stauffer each Monday with the link to register.

Tee times will be sent out Thursday afternoon by Coach Jakeishya. Please see below for our Game Day Schedule:

  • Sat., Feb. 13 - 2:30pm
  • Sun., Feb. 21 - 1:00pm
  • Sat., March 6 - 2:30pm
  • Sun., March 14 - 2:30pm


  • Any junior that fails to attend their assigned game day tee time will be required to pay the “no-show” fee of $10. If you cancel your junior’s game day reservation 24 hours prior to the event, you will not be charged the $10 fee.
  • Double par pick up.  Once juniors hit double par on a hole, they must pick up and move to the next hole.
  • Specators are allowed on the cart path ONLY maintaining a distance of at least 20 yards from the juniors. Spectators are allowed to help the group search for an errant shot. 
  • Be on time.  Please ensure that your junior arrives at least 15 minutes before their tee time.
  • Come prepared.  Please ensure that your junior wears his/her uniform and has his/her clubs and balls at each game. If your junior needs to borrow any equipment, let an instructor know ahead of time.
  • Be respectful.  Juniors should practice good sportsmanship and encourage their playing partners. Juniors who do not display proper etiquette will receive a verbal warning.
  • Spectator vs. Volunteer status- Spectators have not been background checked, are allowed to walk along the cart path, cheer for the juniors, search for lost balls, and provide drink/food to the players. Volunteers have completed a background check to ensure the players safety (we will reimburse), and can walk with the groups on the course. They can help with speed of play, course etiquette, converse with the players, etc. 
  • We are looking for volunteers to bring snacks to game days. If you are able to facilitate any of the items, please add your name to the Google Sheet. Thank you for your help, the kids will appreciate it!


If the game is full, we ask that your junior show up to the golf course and check in with an instructor or coach at 2:30 pm in case there are any last minute cancellations or no shows. You do not need to send an email to be put on the waitlist.