2020 COPi Cup presented by Legistics

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Fee Type
Tournament Entry Fee - Amateur   $450.00 USD
Tournament Entry Fee - Professional   $150.00 USD
Already Paid by teammate   $0.00 USD

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Step 1:  ENTRY FEE 

The tournament entry fee is a tax deductible charitable contribution to the SCGA Junior Golf Foundation and is required in order to register. The team entry fee is $1,500.  Entry fee may be paid by any of the team members or if shared its recommended as $450 for each amateur player and $150 for each professional player. A team should be composed of three amateurs and one professional.

Please select your entry type and click Register above to continue. 


Enter your information to review your Tournament Package options. 

  • Professionals should not select a Tournament Package. (The team's amateurs divide the cost for the professional among their group.)
  • Amateurs on the same team should select either all single room accommodations OR all double room accommodations. If all amateur team members do not select the same accommodation type, an additional fee will apply to cover the costs of the split rooms. See mixed accommodations at the bottom of this page. 

 Please select your entry, then click Submit Registration to continue to payment.  

Step 3: PAYMENT 

Enter your credit card information to complete payment. As the event draws closer, we will be in touch with details.


March 7th

  • Hosted Tournament Reception at Spanish Bay

March 8th

  • 1st Round of Play at Spyglass Hill
  • Tournament Dinner 

March 9th

  • Final Round of Play at Pebble Beach GL
  • Lunch, Awards and Tournament Reception


The entry fee is a tax deductible charitable contribution to the SCGA Junior Golf Foundation and is required to register.

The tournament package is not deductible. It includes:
  • Lodging at Spanish Bay
  • Golf at Pebble Beach GL and Spyglass Hill GC
  • Caddie fees (not tips)
  • The hosted tournament reception (Saturday night)
  • The hosted tournament dinner (Sunday)
  • The hosted lunch and awards reception (Monday)
  • Tournament gifts 
Each amateur player pays $4,245 for single room accommodations OR $3,375 for double room accommodations. A team of four should select the same accommodation type, since the three amateurs share the cost of the professional. Should a team decide to have 'mixed' accommodations with single and double rooms, extra fees will apply. For the situation where one amateur/pro is left as a single, when two players choose to share and one chooses to be single, the fee $425 per room. 







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